We All, Not Just the Democrats, Have an Anti-Semitism Problem

Of course, the rising acceptance of anti-Semitism by the Democratic party, after the celebrations over electing anti-Semites to Congress, is a problem for all of us; Jews, Christians, and all. In some countries anti-Semitism has risen to the level of insanity.

I grew up in Dubai in the 1980s. It was the freest of any part of the Middle East for Westerners, but that freedom had its limits.

I went to the Jumeriah American School, which is now the American School of Dubai. I had fantastic teachers and a wonderful education. But that education only went so far.

History shows time and time again that the enemies of the Jewish people ultimately wind up being enemies of freedom.

Our geography textbooks were missing a country. Open to the world map and there’d be black sharpie marker covering over the word “Israel,” which was sometimes hidden under the word “Palestine” glued into the book. The Israeli flag was redacted by censors. Encyclopedias, almanacs, history books, etc. had passages about Israel taken out. Sometimes the pages were redacted. Sometimes the pages were just torn out.

In ninth grade, our class took a trip to Greece. I remember standing in the agora beneath the Acropolis in Athens and our history teacher pointed up to a flag and asked us what it was. I don’t remember any of us recognizing it. It was white with blue bars and a blue star on it — the Israeli flag.

In spite of campus BDS movements, the United States is still far from this kind of madness. There are individuals who are that crazy, and they are trying to drag the rest of us to their asylum. We can't let them.

History shows time and time again that the enemies of the Jewish people ultimately wind up being enemies of freedom. When we see their rise up in this country, we need to push them back onto the ash heaps of history from which they and their ideas come.


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