Ilhan Omar and anti-BDS

From the Republican Jewish Coalition:

Rep. Ilhan Omar was in the news last week for anti-Semitic tweetsstating that congressional support for Israel comes down to money. Her very weak apology actually doubled down on her attack. The left-wing Israel newspaper Haaretz reported this week that Omar held a private conference call with Jewish groups to apologize for her tweets. As Haaretz reporter Amir Tibon writes, the invited groups represent the left - and in some cases the far left - of the Jewish community:

Omar’s office invited multiple Jewish groups to participate in the call, both in Washington and New York. The invitees mostly belonged to groups that oppose Israeli settlements in the West Bank and are generally affiliated with progressive, left-wing politics.

...Groups invited included the Union for Reform Judaism, J Street, Americans for Peace Now, National Council of Jewish Women, Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Democratic Council of America, Bend the Arc and Jewish Social Justice Roundtable.

By speaking only with groups from within her political comfort zone, Omar avoided confronting the very real concerns of the pro-Israel community about her views on Israel.

This is another reminder that we should take Omar's anti-Semitism seriously and that her apologies mean nothing.

Meanwhile, not everyone in Michigan is happy about the passage of the anti-BDS bill. From the Arab-American News:

DEARBORN — Democratic senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow have long been considered as close friends of the Arab American community, but their decisions this week to vote in favor of the highly controversial Combating BDS bill have one community leader calling for an end to community relations.

“Unless we have a clear agreement with Stabenow or Peters, we should not invite them to our dinners, we should not welcome them into our community and we should not give them a dime and find other candidates,” said Nasser Beydoun, chairman of the Arab American Civil Rights League.

“You’re telling me as an Arab American, a Muslim, as an American that I can’t boycott Israel to give the Palestinians their legitimate rights?” Beydoun asked in a video segment posted to The Arab American News Facebook page on Tuesday, February 5. “No, that is a red line.”

And who is at the heart of this bill that has upset The Arab American News?

“What [Senator Marco Rubio, who introduced the bill] tried to do is to tell states, ‘Well, if you do this thing, we the federal government are telling you it’s okay,” Zahr said. “It’s just a gross misunderstanding of the way it works. But obviously this is just being done as a way to appease the Israel lobby.”

All we have to say about that is, kudos to the Israel Lobby. Keep it up! And pay attention to what's going on the U.S. regarding Jews and Israel.