The ADL and Progressive Values

We've criticized the ADL before on its movement away from Jewish values and toward Progressive values. We are not the only ones who have noticed this move. Under Jonathan Greenblatt's leadership, the ADL, during the previous presidential administration learned to cower as pre-Emancipation, European Jews were forced to do.

It all began with Obama, says Leibler. Before Obama, Jewish leaders were not intimidated. Their job was to speak out in defense of Israel. No more.

Obama had pro-Israel congressmen spied on by our intelligence services for opposing his pro-Iran policies. In a favorite Obama technique for suppression, pro-Israel groups were harassed and suppressed by the IRS.

Barack Obama treated Israel “as a rogue state.” He groveled before the Iranians and treated Israeli defenders and Arab terrorists as moral equivalents. “The response by the majority of the American Jewish establishment, who were previously never reticent about raising their voices, was a deafening silence,” writes Liebler.

Jewish leadership caved to Obama’s bullying. They knew that criticizing Obama would be punished severely by liberal activists, jeopardize their funding, and bring down even more hostile attacks from President Obama.

Many Jewish liberals are “so ignorant of their heritage that they regarded social justice and their Democratic political affiliation as the foremost factors in their Jewish identity.”

The fact that Greenblatt and other Jewish leaders proudly proclaim their Progressive credentials made this cowering palatable to them. Sure, they will vigorously attack right-wing anti-Semitism, but under Obama Jew hatred got a pass when it came from the Left. While the ADL has recently condemned some high profile anti-Semitism from folks like Ilhan Omar and Louis Farrakhan, it still expresses most of its wrath on Donald Trump, an unapologetic pro-Israel president who has a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. And they waffled on Omar when they accepted her obviously insincere apology.

Even though the majority of American Jews, being proud progressives, supported Obama, he didn't support Jews in return. In fact, it's this writer's opinion that Obama found progressive Jews a useful tool. Conservative Jews and Jewish organizations, like Z-Street, who weren't so useful, faced gratuitous government scrutiny for which the IRS has recently apologized.

The case had been locked in court since 2015, when judges rejected the Obama administration's claims that it did not act improperly.

"Z Street alleged that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) applied heightened scrutiny to applications for tax-exempt status received from organizations connected in any way to Israel, and applied this policy to Z Street's application, resulting in delay," the Justice Department announced in a press release. "The settlement agreement includes an apology from the IRS to Z Street for the delayed processing of the group's application for tax-exempt status."

Z Street didn't cower. They didn't buckle under the Obama DOJ's pressure. It took some time, but they won. And the lesson is: When we fight back, we at least have a chance of winning. Give up, and we lose every time.