Keeping Track of Ilhan Omar and The Hatred She Traffics In

We we're unconvincingly told when Omar made her last "apology" for her last anti-Semitic tweet, that she was concerned with keeping lobbyists under control. Of course, the only lobbyist she's concerned with is AIPAC. And what her mainstream media apologists may not have reported, is that she has, not surprisingly, taken lobbyists' money herself. According to ZOA:

Here are a few of Rep. Omar’s particularly revealing campaign contributors, listed in her “Ilhan for Congress” Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings:

  • Prof. Hatem Bazian – founded the virulent and sometimes violent anti-Israel organizations Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). His agenda is Israel’s destruction. Bazian is a leader of the anti-Israel boycott movement on campuses and throughout the world, called for “intifada” in the U.S., and persistently spreads class anti-Semitic falsehoods against Israel. IPT(the Investigative Project on Terrorism) also noted that Bazian uses “Islamophobia” accusations to minimize terror support prosecutions and to attack fellow Muslims who supported ousting the former Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt. Bazian gave Ilhan Omar contributions on 8/8/2018, 8/12/2018 and 9/12/2018.

  • CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) – an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, for funneling money to Hamas. FBI testimony reportedly indicated that CAIR is a Hamas front group. IPT detailed CAIR leaders’ undisputed statements supporting Hamas, and that U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis, who presided over the HLF trial, ruled in 2009 that the government’s evidence creates “at least a prima facie case as to CAIR’s involvement in a conspiracy to support Hamas.” CAIR-CA PAC gave Ilhan Omar $5,000 on 8/13/2018. In addition, CAIR-CA Los Angeles Executive Director Hussam Ayloush gave $1,200 to Rep. Omar on 8/6/2018. Also, CAIR Florida Executive Assistant Shari Akram gave Rep. Omar another $500 on 9/17/2018. CAIR is on Open Secrets’ list of Rep. Omar’s top 20 contributors.

Don't forget that CAIR remains an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial. And Omar has taken donations from other Israel/Jew haters.

While the Democratic Party has issued a statement condemning Omar's tweets, and Nancy Pelosi has even forced Omar to (sort of) apologize for her anti-Semitism, Omar remains, and will continue to remain, on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Johathan S. Tobin explains why Omar will face no further consequences.

The reason for this is obvious. Democrats, including many of those running for president, fear their party’s hard-left base is sympathetic to Omar and Tlaib. That’s not just because of their identities as Somali- and Palestinian-American, ­respectively. The leadership also understands that a critical mass of Democratic activists has bought into bogus intersectional theories that falsely link the struggle for civil rights in the US to the Palestinian war against Israel’s right to exist.

Dems aren’t the only ones shy about calling out Omar and Tlaib. The Never Trumper William Kristol, who regularly accuses the president of fanning bigotry, had maintained a puzzling silence on Twitter as of this writing.


Earlier this week, we broke the news that Islamist-linked congresswoman Ilhan Omar (already in the news after publishing anti-Semitic tweets) was due to speak at an event organized by Islamic Relief – an international aid charity accused of funding terror and extremism – alongside a senior Islamic Relief official who has published social media posts praising the killing of Jews.

Islamic Relief fought back (miserably) against the charges of supporting Islamists.

After an initial silence, Islamic Relief decided to doctor its advertisements for the event by expunging all mentions that its leading anti-Jewish official would be speaking – even amending a glossy poster that it had previously published all over social media.

Islamic Relief and one of Rep. Omar's staff then promptly set about claiming that the official was never in fact due to speak. Unfortunately for them, there were boundless copies and screenshots of the posters and event webpages available to expose this lie rather quickly.

Ilhan Omar will go on spreading her poison. Once she learns how to do so in a quieter, more clever way that doesn't attract so much attention, the mainstream press and the Democratic Party will attempt to make us forget all about her anti-Semitism. I bet she's currently being advised on how to use less detectable code words to hide the hatred. Don't be fooled.

By the way, and just for your information, according to, pro-Israel interest groups rank 34th in dollar amounts of political contributions - even though they rank number 1 in number of attacks for their advocacy by the usual hate mongers.