We want to be able to trust the ADL. After all, they used to be in the forefront in the battle against anti-Semitism. Alas, they don't have time for that any more. These days, they're busy with other issues. Sure, they'll speak up when the anti-Semitism can't be ignored, like Ilan Omar's recent tweets. But Daniel Greenfield has some bad ADL news for us.

The ADL chose to invite Senator Cory Booker to hand out an award. Booker had not only betrayed Jewish voters by backing Iran’s nuclear program, but just that summer had been caught posing with members of an anti-Israel and pro-terrorist BDS hate group while holding up an anti-Israel sign.

In September, Booker favorably quoted Stokely Carmichael at a Senate hearing. Carmichael had infamously said, "The only good Zionist is a dead Zionist we must take a lesson from Hitler.”

The ADL could have chosen to invite any number of pro-Israel senators, including those who had voted against Iran. Instead it chose to invite a pro-Iran politico who palled around with BDS activists and found inspiration in the words of a black nationalist anti-Semite who praised Adolf Hitler.


Never is Now is meant to be a reference to the Holocaust. Not only wasn’t the ADL fighting a second Holocaust, it was welcoming in apologists for Islamist monsters who want to drink Jewish blood.

And apologists for anti-Semites of all sorts.

Appearing on an anti-Semitism panel was Jane Eisner, The Forward boss, whose social justice tabloid not only routinely spewed hate toward Israel, but toward Jews in general. On her watch, the formerly Jewish paper had defended the leaders of the Women’s March, Jeremy Corbyn, Farrakhan and a lefty politician who claimed that Jews control the weather.

The ADL had invited a radical bigot whose paper featured pieces with titles worthy of Stormfront such as, "3 Jewish Moguls Among Eight Who Own as Much as Half the Human Race" and "Why We Should Applaud The Politician Who Said Jews Control The Weather" to discuss anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism, like Israel, was also a pro and con issue at the ADL.

Sadly, there is more. Now that we know (and we've known for a while) it's time to call out the ADL and stop supporting their corrupt mission. There are real pro-Jewish organizations operating today. Give them your support, your time, and your donations.