Some Politicians Do Get It

From New York state Assemblyman Dov Hikind:

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who, in one of her first acts as a member of Congress is to accuse the Jewish people of dual loyalty here in America, something that the enemies of the Jewish people going back to Nazi Germany and all over the world have used against the Jewish people.

And who is her best friend? Who does she celebrate with, but Abbas Hamideh, who is a supporter of Hezbollah, a supporter of Hamas. I’m looking at his actual tweet. The supporter of two organizations dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel, dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish people.

He obviously gets it. And it's not just because he's Jewish. Too many Jews including some in the U.S. Congress, and some from Michigan, still either don't get it or don't want to get it.

Like Bernie Sanders, who because he is a Jew had his loyalty to the United States questioned by Rashida Tlaib. Do you think he cares?

You can watch Dov Hikind's entire speech here. You will have to scroll down.