Does Anti-Semitism Matter to the Detroit Free Press?

On 1/13/18 the Detroit Free Press ran an article entitled "What Michiganders need to know about the 2019 Women's March." To those of us who have been paying attention, we already knew that its leaders were anti-Semitic.

And more recently, some feminists have distanced themselves from the Women's March organization and its events because they say some of its leaders are anti-Semitic. The allegations led the Women's March to post a statement on its home page denouncing "bigotry and discrimination in all their forms."

Maybe we, at MJAC are being too sensitive, but it seems to us that in the interest of accuracy and telling the whole story, writer Kristen Jordan Shamus could have given the reasons why Women's March leaders are being accused of anti-Semitism and why their statement "denouncing 'bigotry and and discrimination in all their forms'' is a load of garbage that has fooled no one. With the constant accusations of racism and bigotry being hurled by leftists and progressives who have no intelligent responses to questions about their policies, it is important to let readers who don't know that there are valid reasons for calling out the anti-Semitism of Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and other Women's March leaders. Apparently the Free Press disagrees.

The same day, there was also an op-ed by Rochelle Riley about Rashida Tlaib and her anti-Trump "F-bomb." According to Riley,

She spoke from passion. She spoke from frustration. She spoke from anger.

She was powerful in her conviction.

She was also wrong — as she has admitted with an apology since, not for calling for impeachment, thank God, but for the language.

And that is all she should apologize for.

And then Riley gets back to her Trump bashing. The title of her op-ed is, "Rashida Tlaib represents more than single remark."

And yes, Riley is correct that Tlaib represents more than a single remark. She also represents the anti-Semitic contingent of the Democratic party. She claims that her remark about "divided loyalty" was aimed at other members of Congress, but she never bothered to address the "correction" of her office map, in which one of her friends replaced Israel with Palestine, in other words, wiping Israel off the map. As there have been many attempts throughout history to wipe the Jewish people off the map, this continuation (and celebration) of an ancient irrational hatred should be addressed, especially when it comes from societal and governmental leaders.

We won't expect it to be addressed at the Free Press.