New Congress thanks G-d, and Allah

Michigan politics are no longer local. With the election of Rashida Tlaib, commentators from all over the world are taking notice. One writer who's noticing is author of "Indecent Proposal" and other novels, Jack Englehard.

As of Thursday, when all 435 members of the House of Representatives have taken their oaths, Rashida Tlaib, a gift to us from Michigan, takes her seat there as the first “Palestinian-American woman” – and proud of her “roots.” So proud that she attends such ceremonies featuring “Palestinian” garb and the “Palestinian” flag.

She speaks often of her roots. An anti-Israel agenda, therefore anti-Jewish, is one of those roots.

The Klinghoffer massacre…the Ma’alot massacre…the Passover massacre…the Munich Olympics massacre…we are not sure if that is also what she means by her roots.

Quite a package coming to the House.

She also speaks glowingly of her “Palestinian heritage,” which is strange, since there is no such thing. They exist in no history books.

If there is something about “the Palestinian people” before 1964, or thereabouts, we should be told.

Let her and her voters tell us more about that heritage…the heritage coming to the House…and with such pride.

Tlaib is going to Congress with guns a-blazing, as evidenced by this Detroit Free Press op-ed written by her and John Bonifaz.