American Jewry at the crossroads

This is a short article from American Thinker.

Today's Jews still want to have faith, even knowing how they were lied to when they were promised showers and handed a tiny bar of soap. Even the gas chambers themselves had fake shower heads designed to deceive Jewish victims to the very last second.

That was then; this is now. Have faith? "Faith" in the people who want to destroy you, and kill you, as part of some obscene religious obligation? Should we have faith in our brethren who will turn on Israel when the Israelis have to respond to large-scale rocket attacks from both Southern Lebanon and Gaza?

American Jewry live in a plastic bubble of their own making: wishful thinking, accommodation, and acquiescence at all cost! "We must have peace!" is a strong sentiment I hear over and over. Yet there is no Palestinian equivalent to "J Street." No organization called "Imams for Human Rights."

Read the rest. Like I said, it's short, but there is a lot to consider.