Columbia Professor Dishonestly Smears Israel

Why are American university campuses rapidly becoming cesspits of anti-Semitism? Well, there are the various anti-Israel, BDS-supporting student groups. But even worse are the anti-Israel, "anti-Zionist" professors. As with all anti-Semites (and yes, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism) their Israel/Jew-hating position is based on lies, ancient lies that refuse to die. And many of these professors are given platforms outside of the university on which to spread their lies.

Here is an example from Honest Reporting:

Every so often an opinion piece in New York Review of Books catches our attention. When Israel is mentioned, it’s rarely positive. A recent op-ed by Professor Katherine Franke is no exception. Ominously-titled “The Pro-Israel Push to Purge US Campus Critics”, Franke paints a picture of Israeli censorship curtailing freedom of speech in American academia.

From the very beginning, the piece is rife with exaggeration and riddled with inaccuracy. Early on, Franke makes a particularly egregious claim – that “the US Department of Education recently adopted a new definition of anti-Semitism, one that equates any criticism of Israel with a hatred of Jews.” This, quite simply, is untrue.

Real facts are reported in the HR article that completely dismantle Franke's article. Unfortunately, the majority of New York Review of Books readers will never read the Honest Reporting article. And Columbia University, already not such a great campus for Jewish students will sink even lower into blind hatred.

Moving beyond the individual points raised, it’s hard to ignore the wider context of what speech like this has on Jews on American campuses nowadays. Increasingly, Jews are confronted by a vitriolic hate of Israel on campus, forcing them to either cease speaking up for the human rights of Jews and Israelis, or to become targets for hate themselves for having the temerity to push back against the racism directed against Israelis and Jews. Franke’s essay is so myopically self-deluded, it’s mind-boggling.

Far from criticism against Israel being shut down, it’s reaching fever pitch in some parts, and threatens to boil over with attacks on Jewish and Israeli students.

Franke’s university, Columbia, has become a hotbed of virulent hatred in recent years, with a Jewish professor recently confronted by antisemitic graffiti, and not for the first time. Israeli and Jewish students on campus have reported being “systematically harassed”, targeted for their nationality, being screamed at and physically intimidated by members of the anti-Israel SJP group. None of this seems to matter to Franke.

The New York Review of Books should more carefully screen its contributors – peddling hateful lies like these is tearing American society apart from within.