Stop the Holocaust Hyperbole!

No matter what anyone tells you, and we've heard it and read it ad nauseam, there is no Holocaust in Gaza. Neither is there a Holocaust on our southern border. And there is no honest comparison between current refugees trying to break through the United States southern border and Jews who fled (or tried to flee) the Holocaust. From Rabbi Aryeh Spiro at the American Thinker:

As before, some on the political left will once again in the future compare the immigrants from Syria to the Jews who faced the Holocaust. But, Jews were targeted as Jews for concentration camps and actual physical extinction. The Syrians are not being targeted because they are Muslims, nor is there a Final Solution planned for them as was the case for European Jewry. In Syria, Muslims are fighting Muslims as part of a civil war. Civil wars unfortunately happen; whereas the planned destruction of an entire people, as was the plan by Germany against the Jews world-wide, was a once-in-history phenomenon.


Indeed, the completely innocent Jews of Europe had nowhere to go -- there was not yet a State of Israel -- whereas there are 57 Islamic states, many exceedingly wealthy, who could and should be offering safe haven to their Islamic brothers. Members of the Caravan were offered residency in Mexico and, in fact, are not being driven out of Honduras. They have somewhere where to go.

Rabbi Spiro isn't the only one who's addressed this trivialization of the murder of six million Jews. From another article:

Hitler rose to power in a 1930s Germany that had been beaten and humiliated by their enemies in World War I and then by the Great Depression. He blamed all of Germany’s troubles on the Jews, and passed anti-Jewish laws. These laws forced Germans to boycott Jewish businesses and forbade Jewish children from attending public schools. He also had mobs working for him to violently silence his opponents. This was one step toward the concentration camps – the real concentration camps, the ones in which millions of Jews and other undesirables were murdered – not housed in less than optimal conditions – but murdered – in every way that the SS could conceive. Jews were beaten, stabbed, shot, starved, worked, and tortured to death. Those who weren’t killed immediately served as slave laborers. Their emaciated bodies ended up in mass graves or in ovens. The discovery of these camps shocked even battle hardened soldiers who thought they’d already seen the worst that humanity was capable of. Photos and videos are available. You know how to find them.

Yes, the situation at our southern border is awful. Children should not be separated from their parents. The psychological damage from separation in addition to the physical journey is immense. And, I don’t blame the people trying to escape to the U.S. – I would do the same in their situation. But these children are still not being held in concentration camps. Believe it or not, American authorities, including border patrol agents, are concerned with the children’s welfare, unlike the you-know-who.

Like it or not, everything cannot be the Holocaust. In fact, nothing can be the Holocaust except the Holocaust. People making that facile yet false comparison show a lack of imagination and a complete lack of historical knowledge. They are also ignorant of current events. As Rabbi Spiro says:

If there is genocide parallel today, it involves the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa who have been targets of Muslim genocide against them. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, raped and tortured during the last two decades, yet those championing immigration have been silent regarding the need for havens for Christians being massacred by Islamic warlords. Certainly, no reference to the Holocaust has been made in their behalf.

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