Islamists and the Current Wave of Anti-Semitism in the US

Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the University of Michigan, is unfortunately becoming the home of increasing anti-Semitism. While universities in general have been laying out the welcome mat for hatred of Jews and Israel, U of M seems to be growing into the midwestern nexus. And it's not just U of M. The hatred is creeping out of the university into the city. While the local Jewish community is unaware or is purposely ignoring it, others are seeing it.

Islamists and their rhetoric play a big part in the current wave of anti-Semitism affecting the U.S. in general and on college campuses, in particular.

Earlier this month, less than a mile from the University of Michigan campus, a demonstration of anti-Semitism was on full display as people protested outside Ann Arbor’s Beth Israel synagogue.

The individuals were carrying an Israeli flag with a red circle and a line crossed through the center and signs claiming “Israel: No Right to Exist.”

In a viral Facebook post, U of M student, Lacey Modell describes seeing the protests. “I felt personally attacked, scared, and deeply disturbed. It was a true shock and something I’ll never forget,” she wrote.

Beth Israel’s website does not take or advertise any position

Anti-Semitic protest outside the Beth Shalom synagogue in Ann Arbor, Michigan on

on the State of Israel. The anti-Israel protest, which occurred in front of the synagogue during Sabbath services, specifically targeted the Jewish community and disturbed prayer services. The protesters were confronted by a single counter-protester holding an “I Stand With Israel” sign

Yes, Islamists have infected university campuses with the world's oldest hatred. How are people not seeing what is right in front of their faces?