Fight Academic Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is expressed these days in many forms. One of these forms is the academic boycott of Israel. We must fight these boycotts. The Legal Insurrection blog gives the story on the current attempt by rogue Israel/Jew hating university professors to enforce an academic boycott against Israel. The important part, meaning instructions for simple actions you can take, is copied below. For more information go to the Legal Insurrection blog.

AMCHA has issued the following Alert providing links as to how people can contact university and college administrations (contact information here):

TAKE ACTION: Email the President or Chancellor of the College/University that is significant to you (e.g. you are an alum, student, donor, parent of student, faculty member and/or community member) asking him or her to endorse the “University Leaders Statement Against the Implementation of an Academic Boycott of Israel” today. You can find contact information for University Leaders here, and you may use the following suggested language:

Dear [Insert Name of President],

I am a/an [State Relationship to University – e.g. alumnus] of [Name of University – e.g. Columbia University].

You recently received a letter from 100+ organizations asking you to endorse the University Leaders Statement Against the Implementation of an Academic Boycott of Israel.

Please protect the academic rights and opportunities of all students and faculty at your school, including those whose study or scholarship focuses on Israel. I urge you to sign this important statement.

Thank you for your leadership at this crucial time.


[Your Name]

AMCHA also has a very important online Petition to participate in this effort.

It is very important that rogue and unethical faculty not be permitted to exploit their power to deprive students of educational opportunities in Israel.