Here is an interesting interview with Jonathan Tobin, writer and editor-in-chief of, the Jewish News Syndicate.

So the lack of affiliation or connection to Israel is a symptom of something deeper in the community?

That is exactly my point. So when you say, “What do you do about it,” the approach has to be holistic, not issue specific.

The answer to how do we get more people to care about Israel is the same answer to the question of how do we get people to care more about being Jewish, to care more about Jewish community, to want to have a Jewish family.

The answers are the same when you talk about the guardrails of Jewish life – education, camps, trips to Israel, all these things.

The other point is in terms of the political battles. Increasingly in mainstream society, and in what is considered acceptable liberal society, being for Israel is an extremely unfashionable cause. Part of that is the growth of BDS, which relates to the growth of anti-Zionist groups. It’s really hard to swim against the tide.

Above all, what we need for this generation is the courage to stand up, the courage to be unfashionable. That sounds simple, but it’s really hard and it’s elemental to our problem as a community, if we are not going to address these basic points.

That's it, isn't it? The courage to stand up and to be unfashionable. How many times have you heard people talk about "be this guy," you know, the one Nazi in the photo not giving the salute? And how many of those people asking have the courage to truly "be this guy?" How many of them even understand that their most cherished beliefs are based on nothing more than current political fashion?

How many Jews understand that?