Linda Sarsour is no Friend of Ours

Some Jewish apologists of Linda Sarsour made a big deal a long time back when she claimed to have raised money to repair the damage vandals caused at a number of Jewish cemeteries. While $162,000 was raised, only a portion of it was dispersed, the majority of it wasn't. Sarsour, of course, blamed the usual white supremacists and right-wing Zionists for questioning her integrity.

After the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Sarsour raised money allegedly for the synagogue, however:

Now, some money was given to Tree of Life, around $10,000, but that was part of an effort to repair Jewish cemetaries that were vandalized. Since the shooting, around $240,000 were raised, but it appears little, if any, has been sent to Tree of Life. Of that $240,000-figure, $155,000 went to the the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.

Hen Mazzig of The Jerusalem Post initially said that $400,000 was raised for Tree of Life, but then offered a correction, noting that $160,000 was raised by Sarsour as part of an effort to fix Jewish cemeteries and $240,000 was raised after the shooting. The corrected tweet is in the thread above.

Tree of Life received just $10,000 from the cemetery campaign, but doesn't appear to have received a dime from the post-shooting fundraising effort, but now the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh says they will supposedly send its six-figure check ($155,000) to Tree of Life. According to Conservative Review’s Jordan Schactel, the other $83,634 will go “to vague ‘projects that help foster Muslim-Jewish collaboration, dialogue, and solidarity. Oh, and as for the money raised for Jewish cemeteries, several never received the funds that were promised (via CR):

Do we know anything about the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh? It turns out we do, and that knowledge adds insult to injury:

The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh is a mosque with deep ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States. A former imam there was an overt anti-Semite who blamed Jews for the rise of ISIS, and he was ultra-cozy with anti-Semitic hate preacher Louis Farrakhan.

But that doesn't make a dent in Sarsour's twisted narrative:

"Instead of coming together [after the Tree of Life shooting] as a country to call out white supremacy and the violence being inspired by this administration — the deflection went to a black man who has no institutional power," wrote Sarsour in her open letter, referring to Farrakhan. "[T]his is a feature of white supremacy," she asserted.

At this point, there are no excuses for denying, that as Jews, Linda Sarsour is not our friend

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