As the global anti-Semitic Tsunami intensifies, most Diaspora Jews prefer to live in their usual ine

Isi Liebler says:

As the global anti-Semitic tsunami intensifies, most Diaspora Jews seem to have lost the plot. In the past, when an external foe emerged, Jews would put aside their differences and unite in the face of those seeking their destruction. Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, Jews suffered from persecution, pogroms and murders culminating in the Shoah.

Today, despite a powerful Jewish state that can provide a haven to Jews facing persecution, Diaspora Jews are utterly disunited and many of them seem to have lost their bearings. They are laying the foundations for an unprecedented eruption of violent anti-Semitism.

That's quite obvious, unless you've lost your bearings. But to make things even worse:

There is one bizarre aspect to this. The clear majority of Jewish Americans continued the tradition of voting Democratic and have emerged as leaders of the anti-Trump brigade. That many Jews with a liberal tradition oppose Trump’s conservative policies and dislike his aggressive tone is not surprising. But what is incomprehensible is the hysterical abuse they shower on the president and that they do so in a Jewish context. The almost lunatic attacks on a president by such a wide section of the Jewish community, including progressive rabbis, Jewish lay organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish women’s groups, which had until now avoided partisan politics, is utterly unprecedented.

The venom expressed suggests a dybbuk has instilled a collective madness on a major component of the American Jewish community. Jews even demanded that Trump not be present at the mourning ceremony in the Pittsburgh synagogue.

Clearly, something is not right when:

There were few complaints when Obama treated Israel like a rogue state and related to Israeli self-defense and Palestinian terrorism as morally equivalent. And there are few complaints now, after it was recently revealed that in 2005 Obama met the head of the Nation of Islam, the radical anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, for a photo op.

On the other hand:

But above all, Trump has proven to be the most pro-Israel president since the state was established. He is the first to have told the Palestinians the truth and reduced funds that were not being used appropriately; he stopped funding UNESCO when that organization admitted Palestine as a full member; he told the Palestinians to forget about their claimed right of return to Israel; he moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem despite enormous pressures; he warned the Palestinians that paying salaries to murderers and aid to their families was unacceptable; he was the first to stand up, virtually alone, to promote Israel’s case to the world.

Now American Jews may hate Trump, but to describe this man as pro-Nazi and an anti-Semite qualifies them collectively as crazy.

MJAC's advice to our readers: stay sane. Even if you're surrounded by this insanity; stay sane.