Solidarity Snake Oil in the Wake of Pittsburgh Attack

From the Clarion Project as long as we're on the subject:

Imam Hassan Qazwini

The Detroit Free Press recently highlighted statements of condolence from various Muslim leaders throughout the Detroit area. One name that stuck out was Imam Hassan Qazwini, who has a history of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Qazwini, who currently serves as an imam at Az-Zahraa Islamic Center, formerly served as the imam of the Islamic Center of America (ICA). Qazwini left ICA amid controversy over the mosques finances. While he was the imam of ICA, the mosque hosted Louis Farrakhan as a guest speaker.

Qazwini has also boasted of his closeness to Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, a spiritual leader of the anti-Israel Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah.

In a sermon, Qazwini claimed that ISIS was created by Israel, stating, “ISIS is playing the role of the arm of the Zionist in the Muslim world, to kill more Muslims and non-Muslims … The number one beneficiary of all of these atrocities, I tell you, is the Zionists, and it is the Zionist regime.”Yet Qazwini has let his “anti-Zionism mask” slip at times to show overt anti-Semitism, for example when he described Bernie Sanders as “an honorable man, even though he is a Jew.”

And as long as we're talking about Imam Qazwini, why not take a few minutes and watch the video below, posted by The Islamic Institute of America in November 2015? Then you decide how sincere Qazwini was in his condemnation of the Pittsburgh attack, and how sincere he is in interfaith understanding between Muslims and Jews.

Go ahead. Watch it. We dare you.