Professor: BDS Panel at University of Michigan Was an ‘Unrelentingly Anti-Israel Propaganda Fete’

Why are we not surprised? U of M's administration talks a good game, but it seems that campus Jew-hatred is not like other hatreds. Anti-Semitism continues to get a pass. There doesn't seem to be any kind of phobia attached to Jew-hatred. It's free speech.

Lieberman estimated that only about 20 undergraduates showed up on Monday morning, some two days after a gunman killed 11 worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh while shouting antisemitic epithets.

Ali acknowledged this “terrible tragedy” in his opening remarks, and explained that while he and other organizers considered canceling the event altogether, BDS was too important an issue to not be discussed, according to the Michigan Daily student newspaper.

In other words, who cares about acknowledging murdered Jews? Spreading more hatred against Jews and Israel takes precedence.

Another presenter was Palestinian author Susan Abulhawa, who claimed that Israelis are “stealing our culture and our story and our history” by pointing to falafel, shakshuka, and hummus — Middle Eastern foods that were popularized in Israel by Jewish refugees who fled antisemitic persecution in Arab and Islamic countries in the 20th century.

On the one hand, we see that no aspect of Israel or Israeli culture is too trivial to be attacked. On the other hand a "Palestinian" admitted antisemitic persecution in Arab and Islamic countries.

Lieberman told The Algemeiner that while he left the event before the Q&A section began, “from the part I did observe and from student reports, the affair was stridently, unrelentingly anti-Israel and pro-BDS.”

“Questions were permitted, but pro-Israel questions were ignored or deflected,” he explained. While a few Jewish students tried to push back on some of the comments made by panelists, they did not have much success, Lieberman shared.

Don't forget that Lieberman was not allowed to speak against the anti-Israel divestment resolution last fall. As we know, free speech does not apply to Jews who support Israel. It is also important to note that university professors are promoting events like this and BDS in general.

Why aren't our Jewish "leaders" speaking up about this? JCC of Metro Detroit honored U of M's president, Mark Schlissel with a tailgate party. Do they have anything to say about the hostile atmosphere being created against Jews at U of M?