The Jewish left botched its response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

We hope you will join us Sunday, November 18 at 7:00 PM, at Adat Shalom for a discussion with author, Jonathan Neumann and Professor Howard Lupovich. They will be discussing, "The Jewish Right-Left Divide, Can We Bridge the Gap?" It's free, but we would appreciate people making reservations.

Yesterday, the NY Post published Mr. Neumann's reaction to some of the responses of the Jewish Left to the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

This brazen attempt to blame Jewish backers of the president for the attack and excommunicate them from their community is scandalous. It is also a dog whistle for animosity toward more traditionalist Jews, who constitute one of the most pro-Trump demographics in the country (indeed several serve as high-ranking officials in the administration).

Such sentiments reveal what underlies the entire liberal Jewish response to Pittsburgh: For them, Judaism is synonymous with liberalism. Donald Trump is cast as an enemy of the Jews not because he has shown any hostility to the Jewish people or the Jewish State (quite the contrary) but because he is an enemy of liberalism. The same goes for his “Jewish enablers,” who have allegedly betrayed their community by backing him.

As it happens, Trump has done more than any other president to prevent attacks on Jews, including by cutting funds to the Palestinian Authority. This courageous decision thwarts its pay-to-slay policy of issuing financial reward to terrorist murderers of Jews. But no matter. The Jewish social-justice chorale serves at the altar of liberalism and Trump is their Antichrist (just as, lest we forget, George W. Bush was before him).

Degrading Judaism to advance their petty politics, as the Jewish social justice movement has always done, is insulting enough. Using Pittsburgh’s dead to do so is altogether grotesque.

But if these critics really want to talk about betrayal of the Jewish people, consider who supported the nuclear deal with Iran, which enriched the world’s most heinous terror state and which legitimized the pursuit of the bomb by an Islamo-fascist regime bent on annihilating over 6 million Jews.

This should be a lively discussion. We hope to see you there. Copies of Neumann's book, TO HEAL THE WORLD? will be available for purchase and for signing.