Where is the hatred coming from?

Saturday, eleven Jews were murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. A lot has been written about it, some of it honest and thoughtful, some of it cheap and political, and some of it downright insane. Some commentators want us to believe that anti-Semitism in the United States increased with Donald Trump's inauguration. We aren't supposed to look away from Trump to see Leftist Jew hatred.

For example from the Detroit Jewish News:

And this is only the latest in a series of anti-Israel/anti-Semitic episodes that began long before Trump became president. U of M, in addition to many of America's top universities have become cesspits of anti-Semitism, a fact that most Jews are only now slowly waking up to. How many university graduates, thanks to Israel-hating student organizations and professors are leaving the campus with a new found disdain for Jews and Israel?

A big deal is being made of a letter from 11 "Bend the Arc" members telling Trump he's not welcome in Pittsburg. Bend the Arc refers to itself as a progressive Jewish group engaged in resisting the Trump agenda. Tree of Life's rabbi, Jeffrey Myers though, in a small victory for sanity, said, “The president of the United States is always welcome. I’m a citizen, he’s my president. He is certainly welcome.”

In 1017, Bend the Arc raised $10,000 to "help fund private security for Linda Sarsour, whom they refer to as "a prominent Muslim-American civil rights activist." Sarsour blames her reputation as an anti-Semite on the Jewish Media. We haven't heard if any Bend the Arc members back Sarsour on that claim.

Speaking of Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory, Louis Farrakhan, and Keith Ellison, shouldn't they be held accountable? They've been spouting their Jew-hatred since Donald Trump was nothing but a billionaire reality TV star, except for Farrakhan who goes back much further than that. The fact that former president, Barack Obama was a friend of Farrakhan was hidden until after he left office. So can we also hold America's press corps as complicit in the spread of anti-Semitism? As we've been told, silence is complicity. The fact that Sarsour, Perez, and Mallory leaders of the Women's March are not called out by Jewish marchers makes these marchers complicit, doesn't it?

Progressive Washington D. C. councilman, Trayon White made us aware of the Rothschild's control of the climate.

Other progressive anti-Semites who need to be called out strongly and publicly are Ilan Omar and Kshama Sawant, two more progressive government officials. In Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and her running mate Garlin Gilchrist have issues that our local Jewish leaders should be addressing.

The fact that our progressive news media do their best to cast Israel in a negative light also feeds into negative feelings toward Jews. With Israel constantly and falsely being cast as the aggressor for self-defense, accusations that used to be made against Jews are now being made against Israel. The news media is far more guilty than Trump in spreading Jew-hatred.

Finally, speaking of "dog whistles" and "code words" as progressives love to do, when complaints are cast against Zionists, Rothschild's, Israel, the Israel lobby, ZOG, Bibi Netanyahu, or the Likud, they're talking about us - Jews.

UPDATE: Scrolling Facebook, I'm finding more examples of progressive anti-Semites and anti-Semitism. There are too many to list. If you'd like, add some that I missed in the comments. Thank you.