Michigan Student Reveals Second Anti-Semitic Slide

If you go to the Detroit JCC's tailgate party honoring University of Michigan's president, Mark Schlissel, you might want to ask him about this report, which comes on the heels of a few other anti-Semitic episodes at U of M.

Alexa Smith, the University of Michigan student who first brought to light a slide from a required lecture that compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler, revealed another anti-Semitic slide from the lecture.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel issued an apology to Jewish students on Oct. 9 about the two instructors who denied writing letters of recommendation to students who wanted to study abroad Israel as well as the slide. However, Smith said in a statement to the Journal that Schlissel’s apology was not sufficient.

“It is perverse and profoundly offensive for President Schlissel to play down the seriousness of our community’s concerns by declaring that the slide equating the Prime Minister of Israel to Hitler was ‘one of nearly 200 slides’––as if, in context, this was ‘no big deal,’” Smith said. “President Schlissel is not recognizing the unequivocally anti-Semitic content of this entire lecture, or the effect it had and continues to have on U-M’s Jewish students––some of whom were REQUIRED to sit through it in order to obtain our degrees. Either way, his indifference and misrepresentation is unacceptable.”

Smith also mentioned that she has another slide that “shows Jews drawn as pigs, drinking from bottles of money and holding a wand with a Jewish star, as if they have supernatural control and power.

Yeah, just casually ask, maybe in a soft tone when no one else is around.