University of Michigan Student: I Was Forced to Attend ‘Antisemitic Lecture’ Comparing Netanyahu to

So, now we find that John Cheney-Lippold is merely one cog in U of M's anti-Semitic machine.

An undergraduate at the University of Michigan said she “was forced to sit through an overtly antisemitic lecture” on Thursday, which compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler.

Alexa Smith, a senior, said the presentation was part of the Penny Stamps Speaker Series, which arts and design students are required to attend.

The image — shared by lecturer Emory Douglas, a graphic designer who served as minister of culture for the Black Panther Party — branded both Netanyahu and Hitler with the caption, “Guilty of Genocide.”

“In what world is it ok for a mandatory course to host a speaker who compares Adolf Hitler to the Prime Minister of Israel?” Smith asked in a Facebook post shared on Friday.

In what world? In University of Michigan's world, anti-Semitism seems to be the order of the day.

Smith — a member of the campus group WolvPAC, which aims to promote the US-Israel relationship — said her recent experience was not unprecedented.

Two years earlier, she attended another Stamps lecture with comic book artist Joe Sacco, who “made references to Israel being a terrorist state and explicitly claimed that Israeli soldiers were unworthy of being represented as actual human beings in his artwork.”

How does the university justify the promotion of hatred against Jews?

“The Stamps program is intentionally provocative and we are clear with our students about this,” he continued.

Part of the introduction to the event includes a disclaimer emphasizing the diversity and independence of speakers, which the university does not “control or censor,” Fitzgerald added.

Really? Please let us know when one of the Stamps Speakers demonizes or dehumanizes Muslims, blacks, latinos, LGBTQ, women, asians, or any other group other than Jews without any "control or censor." Right now, throughout university campuses, Jews, and only Jews are the accepted target of irrational hatred.