MI: Governor Candidate Whitmer’s Running Mate, Gilchrist, Silent on Israel Flip Flop

As we've said before, MJAC is not in the business of telling you how to vote. We do voice our concerns on candidates' stands on issues that we think are important to the Jewish community.

Recall that Gretchen Whitmer's running mate, Garlin Gilchrist made some vicious anti-Israel/anti-Semitic and Hamas-supporting tweets a few years ago.

Why is Michigan governor candidate Gretchen Whitmer’s running mate, Garlin Gilchrist, silent about his flip flop position when it comes to Israel? Several weeks ago, Michigan Governor Candidate, Gretchen Whitmer’s running mate Garlin Gilchrist came under fire for his past stance on Israel. Several old tweets resurfaced where Gilchrist legitimizes the terrorist group Hamas while showing contempt for the State of Israel.

Last month, the Whitmer campaign posted that both Whitmer and Gilchrist have “unwavering support for Israel.” However, while a Google cache version is still available on certain web browsers, the message claiming strong support for Israel is no longer available at the campaign website.

Whitmer and Gilchrist do have their Jewish defenders.

One Gilchrest supporter who has been working hard downplay the controversy is Michigan State Representative, Jeremy Allan Moss. Moss has been regularly speaking and posting on social media his support for Gilchrist and Whitmer while highlighting his Jewish and pro-Israel credentials.

The sad fact is that Democrats, even Jewish Democrats have been wavering pretty severely in their support of Israel in order to appeal to the "progressive" Israel-hating wing of their party. Representative Moss might be sincere in his belief that Whitmer and Ghichrist are pro-Israel, but when he engages in a cheap dodge designed to distract us from the real issue:

Moss further went on to claim Republican candidate, Bill Schuette being seen at a fundraiser with Steve Bannon should be more of a concern.

our respect for his position wavers.

Before you vote this November, do your homework. Information is only a mouse click away.