Violent threats to Jewish students at Stanford U.

Who is standing up for Jewish students when they're threatened by violence on campus, as recently happened at Stanford University? Recall the Standford University RA, Hamzeh Daoud who threatened to "physically fight Zionist students."

Hint - It's not the Stanford University's administration, who we know, would have immediately expelled any student who had made those same treats against any other ethnic or religious group.

Surprisingly, instead of firing the student, Stanford allowed him to resign from his RA appointment. The university issued a statement that they had “engaged with the student” who made the decision to step down from his RA position and apologized in a letter to the Jewish community. From their “extensive case assessment,” they concluded that Daoud did not pose a physical threat to other members of the community.

The university administration went so far as to portray the student as a victim and exhibited concern for alleged death threats against him, called for policies against intolerance, which already exist in the university’s Fundamental Standards, and suggested “thoughtful engagement” within the Stanford community.

Further, Stanford vilified the Stanford College Republicans for their “vehement statements,” “barrage of petitions,” “paid advertisements” and even a legal threat to the University should Daoud retain his RA position. The Santa Clara County district attorney’s office, taking its cue from the University, declined to investigate further and press charges.

It wasn't the ADL, who expressed "deep concern."

It wasn't the campus Hillel chapter:

Hillel Rabbi Jessica Kirschner remarked that she appreciated that the student in question had later modified his remarks by calling for an “intellectual fight” and had ultimately reached out to Jewish students.

It wasn't The American Jewish Committee, who:

voiced appreciation for Daoud’s “grace” in recognizing that his posts would make it untenable for him to serve as RA. AJC’s Rabbi Serena Eisenberg further minimized the threat by stating, “This incident was not about the Middle East, Israelis or Palestinians, but about the way ideas are debated on Stanford’s campus and the world beyond.”

It wasn't even StandWithUs, a group we at MJAC have great respect for:

However, they stopped well short of demanding any action and stated that “further threats by this student” should “result in expulsion.”

The two Jewish groups that stood strong against Daoud and Stanford University, demanding action against Daoud, were the Zionist Organization of America and The Israel Group.

ZOA pointed out that the university was violating its own rules in the Daoud case as enshrined in the “Fundamental Standard” requiring students “to respect and uphold the rights and dignity of others regardless of race, color, national origin or ethnic origin” as well as the tenets of free speech available to all students. They reminded Stanford of its moral and legal obligations to protect all students and to ensure a non-hostile learning environment for Jewish students under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

The Israel Group (TIG), a non-profit whose primary mission is “to cripple the BDS movement,” sought legal action by writing to the Santa Clara District Attorney requesting an investigation of Daoud’s threat and hate crime against Jewish students. The TIG pointed out that Stanford violated two California laws, California Threat Law P.C. 422 (a) and California Hate Crimes Law P.C. 42255. Further, TIG explained that the threats were specific and immediate and a cause for pro-Israel students to fear violence. The organization called for the DA to take steps to prosecute Mr. Daoud for violation of these statutes.

So, when you go through the requests for donations from various Jewish groups in the coming new year, keep in mind which groups are actively fighting for Jews, Jewish students, and Jewish causes.