The Danger of Rashida Tlaib

It's not only the Detroit area that will suffer from Rashida Tlaib's tenure in Congress. And it's not only Detroit area residents who recognize this.

Following her primary victory, Tlaib has lambasted Israel on a slew of topics. In the past few days alone, she’s called for US aid to Israel to be cut, expressed support for the BDS movement, and endorsed a one-state solution.

I spoke with Tlaib’s campaign manager, Steve Tobocman, ahead of the primaries, and he stated that Tlaib supports a two-state solution — which she has now contradicted. He also stated that Tlaib supported a foreign aid budget to Israel, another position that she changed after the primary election. Tobocman did not immediately respond to my request for clarification on Tlaib’s policies.

Oh, she's been pretty clear.

Tlaib was a keynote speaker at one of Detroit’s largest BDS rallies in 2014, long before her Congressional bid. The rally drew tens of thousands chanting “Free Palestine” while waving Palestinian flags. Also speaking at the event was Dawud Walid, who heads up the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and once said, “Who are those that incur the wrath of Allah? They are the Jews, they are the Jews.”

Tlaib is also well acquainted with Linda Sarsour, notoriously recognized for her anti-Israel activities and as a supporter of Louis Farrakhan. During the campaign, Sarsour endorsed Tlaib, and their relationship dates back years — to the point where Sarsour described Tlaib as a mentor and role model, a disconcerting sign given Sarsour’s track record on Israel. Tlaib has also expressed sympathy for terrorist and murderer Rasmea Odeh on Twitter.

But these are issues most people (even some Jews) don't care about. Promise enough handouts, hit all the correct progressive memes, and sail toward victory. We at MJAC will continue to keep you updated.