House Democrats play a double game on Hamas

Is the United States callously ignoring the needs of a suffering population of refugees? That’s the conceit of a letter signed by 70 Democratic members of the House of Representatives last week that condemned the Trump administration’s decision to reduce its contributions to the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA).

The U.S. funding cuts to UNRWA is part of an effort by the administration to change the unhealthy dynamic by which the U.N. agency that is solely devoted to dealing with Palestinian refugees (a separate U.N. agency deals with all other refugee problems) is one of the chief obstacles to peace in the Middle East. As long as millions of descendants of the 1948 refugees hold onto hopes of a “return” to pre-1967 Israel, peace on any terms other than the destruction of the Jewish state remains impossible.

Yet almost 40 percent of the House Democratic caucus is not only supportive of UNRWA and the destructive role it continues to play in perpetuating the conflict. The same group is also echoing the call of Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and 11 other Democratic members of the upper body to end the blockade of Gaza being carried out by Israel and Egypt.

Just so you know, the Michigan representatives who signed the letter are:

Debbie Dingell and Brenda Lawrence