The Selective Outrage of Jewish Organizations

One would think that Jews, at least, could agree that supporting Jews, the Jewish community, and the world's only Jewish nation would be important. Sadly, one would be wrong.

The international community – including several US Jewish organizations loudly sitting Shiva for the state of Israeli democracy — certainly does not appear to be bothered that Arabs are stabbing Jews to death, nor that Hamas is burning and destroying Israeli land and wildlife in what is arguably one of the worst acts of environmental terrorism in history.

The New Israel Fund, for example, which has been organizing against the nation state law, claims to fight for “environmental justice”. This “justice” evidently does not apply to Arab terrorists ruthlessly destroying the flora and fauna of the land of Israel. The New Israel Fund has not released a single press release deploring Hamas’ destruction of the environment, but like other “liberal” American Jewish organizations it did communicate in May that it was “deeply disturbed that unarmed Palestinian protesters are being killed and wounded by Israeli fire at the Gaza border. Israel has a right to defend its borders and citizens, but must never target unarmed people who pose no threat to security forces”.

We know that the New Israel Fund doesn't have Israel's best interests at heart but:

Similarly, both the ADL and the Union for Reform Judaism loudly lamented the nation state law as causing “enormous” damage to the “democratic character” of the Jewish state, yet they have not published a single statement decrying the actual destruction of Israeli land and wildlife, not to mention the murder of the young Israeli father from Adam.

The last statement the ADL released on the situation in Gaza was on May 15, in which it lamented it as “a horrific tragedy that so many people have been killed and wounded at the Gaza border. Such violence does nothing to bring a two-state solution closer to reality or advance peace and security in the region”. The ADL has never commented on the fact that the “tragedy” it referred to was the death of 50 Hamas terrorists.

Likewise, the Union for Reform Judaism last commented on the Gaza situation on May 14 when it informed the world that it was “…alarmed, concerned, and profoundly saddened by the growing number of Gazan dead and wounded”. Yes, “saddened” by the departure from this world of 50 Hamas terrorists clamoring for Jewish blood.

The ADL and the Union for Reform Judaism have come down solidly on the other side, you know the side that prefers murdering Jews to accepting them as neighbors. People make choices in life. It's time to demand that these self-styled Jewish community organizations start taking the side of the Jews, not the side of the Jew-haters.