Let them walk out of Birthright and say Kaddish for Arab terrorists

Like most of you were, I was pretty angry at the Jewish dopes who walked out of their Birthright trip and the other dopes who said Kaddish for the dead Gaza/Hamas terrorists, but I think Rabbi Fischer is right. It's sad, but he's still right.

Most Israelis have no idea what has happened to American Jewry. They think this is the “World of Our Fathers,” that America’s non-Orthodox Jews still sprinkle their English with Yiddishisms, still fast on Yom Kippur, never would eat bread on Passover, and root for Sandy Koufax. Well, those days are over — even as reflected in how the few Jewish baseball players nowadays play on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. There are now two Jewries in America: those who are Jewish and those who are the non-Jewish children of non-Jewish mothers (whether the Moms never converted or underwent conversions that have no halakhic currency). With a 72 percent intermarriage rate among non-Orthodox Jews — and the rate keeps rising — the split is manifest and is growing wider, with no end in sight. The result is that non-Orthodox Jews actually are disappearing, while Orthodox numbers are increasing. Strange as it may sound, the most respected demographic projections expect the majority of Jews in Greater New York to be Orthodox in a few decades, with the rest of American Jewry following.

In such a chaotic culture, the children of the non-Orthodox have been taught deep allegiance to the Democrat Party and the liberal agenda. There is nothing else to teach them about— exept the Holocaust. There is no Torah. No Talmud. No point in teaching them about observing Shabbat, kashrut, tefillin if the rabbi does not observe those religious practices with fidelity. They cannot even pronounce and never have heard of “Sh’mini Atzeret.” They learn no Rashi. No Ibn Ezra. No Tosafot. Nor do they know of Ben-Gurion. No Jabotinsky. No Rabin. No Begin. No Achad Ha’am. No Rav Kook. No Moshe Hess. Not even Ber Borochov. They know absolutely nothing about Zionism nor the history of the Zionist enterprise. If they take a college course on Zionism, odds are that their professor is an anti-Israel Arab or an equally pernicious Jew who attacks and blames Israel for everything.

The only thing “Jewish” they have left to teach these young people is that Hitler murdered six million Jews — so therefore they should be Jewish. Nor have they ever heard of Emil Fackenheim, who at least could give substance to that theory. So that is what they have left to teach: (i) Hitler murdered six million Jews, so you need to be Jewish; and (ii) Don’t be Nazis.

We at MJAC have written before about the lack of Jewish education. It is a serious problem in the Jewish community - maybe not as serious as missing soccer practice, but still pretty serious. Jewish education has to be more than the Holocaust.

We're not saying a lack of a Jewish education makes one stupid, but:

A final word: Let them say Kaddish for Hamas terrorists who get murdered. They are so incredibly ignorant of things Jewish — so incredibly filled with nothing Jewish but instead only the Democrat Party liberal platform and two hours at a Holocaust museum — that they have no idea what Kaddish is, what they are reciting.

So let me tell them: When you ignoramuses recite Kaddish for the Hamas terrorists who would murder you, here is what you are saying:

“May the Great Holy Name [of the G-d of the Torah of Israel] be made great and holy in this world that He created as He wished. And may He reign in all His glory in your lives and in your days and in the lives of the whole House of Israel — speedily and very soon — and let us all say: Amen! May His Great Name be blessed forever and ever.”