As left dumps Israel, what’s a Jewish Dem to do?

That is the question, isn't it? And make no mistake, the left, including the Democratic party, is evolving into the hostile-against-Israel party.

Jill Jacobs, executive director of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, said the Pew study was flawed because it suggested that support for either Israel or the Palestinians implies a lack of advocacy for the other.

“The question of whether one is pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian is a false dichotomy. We need to stop asking questions, in polls and otherwise, that suggest that one must choose between the human rights of Israelis or Palestinians,” Jacobs said. “The only defensible position is one that stands up for the human rights of both — and insists that these are not in conflict.

“That means working toward two states, and opposing the occupation and the growth of settlements that entrench it. This is the position of the Israeli left who should be the natural partners for the Democratic Party — in contrast to the Republican Party, which has allied itself with Likud, the Jewish Home party and the rest of the pro-settlement, pro-occupation hard right.”

While T'ruah is admittedly takes an extreme anti-Israel position that they try to portray in somewhat reasonable sounding words, this is the direction the left is going. That's undeniable. The question Jewish Democrats have to come to grips with is whether they're placing their progressive politics ahead of their Judaism. We've noticed over time, that some people try to fit reality to their politics. It seems that some Jews are trying to fit their Judaism to their politics.

Take it from MJAC. That way lies madness.,15796