Whatever happened to the ADL?

Here is Jonathan S. Tobin taking the ADL to task.

Nor is this the first such instance of partisanship on Greenblatt’s part.

In early 2017, he didn’t hesitate to directly blame Trump for what was being represented as a surge of anti-Semitic incidents across the United States—largely the result of a spate of bomb threats at Jewish community centers. But it turned out that contrary to the ADL’s charge that it was the work of alt-right extremists inspired or unleashed by the new president, it was a disturbed Israeli teenager who made the threats. The ADL never apologized for its misleading accusations.

In April of this year, Greenblatt doubled down on his determination to steer the ADL into a partisan swamp by not merely opposing the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be secretary of state, but joining radical Islamist groups like CAIR in labeling him an anti-Muslim bigot. The charge was false and even condemned Pompeo—a decent man, an ardent friend of Israel and the Jewish people, and an opponent of anti-Semitism—for making statements urging Muslims to denounce terror that were identical to stands taken by the ADL in its pre-Greenblatt era.

The new ADL under Jonathan Greenblatt seems to have forgotten its mission. We shouldn't forget that they have become a partisan operation that seems more interested in playing politics than in its original mission. The saddest part of this betrayal of original purpose is that because the ADL is a Jewish organization that (still) supports Israel, it's still a pariah other leftist groups. They will never win playing this game.