ABRAMSON: #JewToo Can #WalkAway

We at MJAC have already walked away. We didn't have a catchy name for what we were doing with an accompanying hashtag without which no new social movement can be considered "trending." But we decided independently to think for ourselves. Then we came together and formed MJAC. There are many reasons for walking away.

I walked away from the Democratic Party when the DNC handed leadership to Howard Dean and his progressive followers. I didn’t join the GOP until five years later.

Much of America’s Jewish leadership moved in the opposite direction. It jettisoned Jewish interests to embrace the progressive agenda. Far too many leading Jewish organizations collect sizable donations to fight Jew hatred, support Israel, and preserve religious freedom—then hand it to progressive politicians and groups that work against all three causes.

While that situation may cheer progressives who happen to be Jewish, it should dismay every American Jew concerned with the future of our community—regardless of beliefs about taxes, abortion, the environment, or anything else.

If you’re part of that group, speak out—with your voice, with your donations, and with your vote! Say to our communal leaders and the politicians they support:

If the Women’s March backs Hamas and the Nation of Islam, #WalkAway from it or we will #WalkAway from you.

If Black Lives Matter incorporates Jew-hatred into its platform, #WalkAway from it or we will #WalkAway from you.

=If your alma mater gives free rein to anti-Zionists who terrorize Jewish students, #WalkAway from it or we will #WalkAway from you.

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