NYC Private School Teachers Fired for Forcing Anti-Israel Views on Students

Maybe it's easier to get things done at a private school. As we know from this post, Jewish parents in the Newton School District have been getting stonewalled over their concerns about anti-Semitism being welcomed into their schools.

Not so at Riverdale Country School in New York City:

The parents counter by saying that the faculty in question are guilty of "intellectual bullying," and one parent says that there has been a "pattern of anti-Israel incidents."

Doerfler gave a speech a couple of years ago that was picked up by a pro-Palestinian website, which upset some of the parents.

Redden, an active participant in the Occupy Wall Street tantrums, has been accused of having "verbally attacked" students over the issue.

Both Redden and Doerfler didn't respond to requests from the Post to respond to their firings, but have denied allegations made by the parents against them in the past.

No stonewalling there.

Message to parents who find themselves in this situation: Fight back, and don't give up.