Jews are the one minority group that nobody can be bothered to protect or even acknowledge. Even some Jews are engaged in attacking the Jews.

From the Newton School District:

Charles Jacobs, president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, reminded the board that Mayor Ruthanne Fuller had promised the Jewish community “transparency” in what is being taught at the schools, but she has not delivered. This, after the school system was forced to remove from its curriculum the Arab World Studies Notebook, which falsely taught students that Jews torture and murder Arab women in Israeli prisons; and after the School Superintendent David Fleishman had promised Jewish community leaders this past October that he would remove the schools’ entire World History section on the Middle East until scholarly, vetted material was found to replace it. Instead, Jacobs said, Fleishman broke that promise and continued to use material that was pro-Arab, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic.

Most of the anger was directed at a May 2 all-day event at Newton North High School called Middle East Day, during which Electronic Intifada proprietor Ali Abunimah’s non-profit group screened several anti-Semitic films for the Newton North students. One film, Ismail, grotesquely aped the gruesome scenes of Nazi barbarism in Schindler’s List, except with actors playing Jewish soldiers as the Nazis, and Palestinians as the Jews. “This blood libel,” said Jacobs, “the ‘Jew-as-Nazi’ lie is the ‘narrative’ that drives Jew-hatred around the world and here you are teaching this to our children.”


That very morning, one very liberal Jewish group — the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) — abandoned its six-year-long denial and “hands-off” posture in this dispute and joined Boston’s ADL to send a harshly-worded letter to Superintendent Fleishman demanding to know precisely what happened on May 2 and what was taught to the student assembly and how it happened.

When the ADL is forced to return to battling anti-Semitism, you know things are getting serious. When Jews are bringing in the Electronic Intifada to indoctrinate children, the ADL had better respond.

Read the rest here. And ask yourself what our local school districts teaching about Jews and Israel.