Protesters blast country club's snub of GOP candidate

It's not just us. Others are also unhappy with the way the Franklin Hills Country Club snubbed Republican congressional candidate, Lena Epstein.

A group of GOP supporters from Metro Detroit protested Monday outside an Oakland County club that canceled a fundraiser for a Republican congressional candidate over her political views.

The demonstration at Franklin Hills Country Club was organized by former U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, one of Lena Epstein's rivals in the GOP primary who called the cancellation “another Intolerable act from the left!” He urged Republican candidates in the 11th District race and their supporters to temporarily suspend their campaigns and join him.

“It’s about doing the right thing,” Bentivolio said. “You can’t make a promise and break it simply because you don’t like the politics. …We’re standing up for her.”

We at MJAC believe that the way to confront opinions you don't like is to offer intelligent, alternative opinions. If your answer is to shut down conflicting thought, your ideas can't be that great. Whether or not you support Lena Epstein or the GOP, for the sake of our country, you should support free speech.