Lena Epstein Fundraiser Canceled

As the country becomes more divided, so does our local Jewish community. A fundraiser for congressional candidate, Lena Epstein, was to be held at Franklin Hills Country Club. Epstein's family have been club members for generations as have many other Jewish families.

In what has become all to common in today's Jew vs Jew atmosphere, Epstein's positions aren't in lockstep with "liberal Jewish values," espoused by our self-proclaimed community leaders. Her thoughtcrime - supporting President Trump, was too much to bear for some Franklin Hills members.

From Todd Spangler's Detroit Free Press article:

The Michigan Information & Research Service, MIRS, a subscription news service in Lansing, reported that Epstein had been set to hold a $250- to $1,000-per-plate event until the son of a former president of the country club, which has a long history among the area's prominent Jewish community, posted his concerns about Epstein's connections with Trump on social media.

MIRS and the Epstein campaign identified that person as Michael Simon, who confirmed to the Free Press that he's a former member of the club. Simon acknowledged he wrote a post on Facebook, since taken down, which compared Trump administration actions to those taken during the Holocaust and called Epstein "a neo-fascist. He said he wrote the post because of an ad of Epstein's he said is in "lockstep support for Trump’s cruel immigration policies that separate children from their parents" that he found "incongruous with the moral center of the Jewish community." He said Franklin Hills cancelled the event — and decided on a new policy of not hosting political fundraisers of any kind — "within hours" of learning of Epstein's views. Epstein is also Jewish.

When the only response to a differing political view is labeling that view as "Nazi", or "fascist", or "cruel," it's clear that there is no rational argument against it. Since irrational name-calling has replaced rational debate, that differing political view must be shut down and the holder of that view must be ostracized. Progressives are taking the lead in shutting down opposing views. This cannot be at the moral center of anyone who values a free and open society.