MJAC's Response to JCRC/AJC

Recently Detroit's Jewish Community Relations Council partnering with the American Jewish Council issued a statement on President Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy and the children who have been separated from the adult illegal aliens who forced them on a tortuous journey in order to support the adults' illegal entry into the United States.

If you haven't done so already you can read it here.

This is our response to the JCRC/AJC statement:

It’s true. As Jews we are unique in the world. We’ve been treated in ways no other minority has been treated. We have spent much of our history being driven from one country to another because we were Jews. Laws were made and rescinded in order to either welcome or expel us from countries. Both allowing and forbidding us to be citizens was based on the laws of the nation in question. To equate that history with the current situation of illegal aliens is a terrible misuse and trivialization of Jewish history. While American laws are used to help keep our country free and safe and allow for legal immigration, other countries used their laws to oppress Jews.

Yes, it is a terrible thing for children to be split up from their families. It is also a foolish thing to ignore that practice until it takes place under a president you’re hostile toward and is forced into your consciousness by a press corps that is not only hostile to the current administration, but has also bent, stretched, and broken the truth in their reporting.

As Jews we know that lies about Jews were freely spread when we were being driven out of a country that may have been our home for generations. Because of that, truth should be paramount. Yes, the photos are disturbing, but they’re not always factually accurate. We know that some photos being passed off as current actually date back to the days of the previous administration. We know that the law mandating separation dates back to 1997. Time magazine’s cover of President Trump and a young Honduran girl is a lie. Time’s editors don’t care. We should.

The Associated Press has been as loose with the truth as Time Magazine in order to feed our emotions rather than address our intellect. If we are truly looking for the truth in order to make informed decisions, it’s there; we just have to look past the garbage. There is a CNN interview with a border patrol agent that puts much of today’s reporting to shame.

As Jews, we argue with God. Surely we can do the same with CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and other news sources. We need to stop the knee-jerk acceptance of these reports just because they align with our politics.

Yes, our Jewish ancestors came to this country as immigrants. But they came as legal immigrants. They followed the rules in order to become Americans. People are still doing that today and we welcome them.

With all of the hand wringing over this current manufactured outrage, none of the outraged are offering a solution to this difficult problem. Allowing more millions of illegal aliens into the country is not a solution. They’re not all refugees. Some come for economic reasons. Some are unfortunate victims of human trafficking. Encouraging immigrants to follow American laws and come here legally is part of the solution. Demanding the truth from our news media would also help. And it wouldn’t hurt to ask – who is profiting from encouraging these illegal aliens?