What Happened to the Jews?

Here is an article from the Associated Press on the NBC News website. The focus is Germany’s current attempt to bring former Nazis to justice, specifically former members of the “Einsatzgruppen”, who were “SS units and police personnel who followed behind the regular army as it pushed into the Soviet Union in 1941, slaughtering perceived racial or political enemies in mass executions. Estimates vary, but experts agree they were responsible for well over 1 million killings.”

Notice the wording – “perceived racial or political enemies.” The article is illustrated with a photo that shows, “a German firing squad shooting Soviet civilians in the back as they sit beside a mass grave in the Babi Yar ravine . . .”

What’s missing from these descriptions - and from the entire article? Two words: “Jew” and “Jews.” The article mentions Nazis, death squads, the Holocaust, Sobibor, Auschwitz, the Wiesenthal Center, but no mention of Jews. Even later in the article, the Babi Yar massacre is described as, “. . . the shootings of nearly 34,000 people at Babi Yar, . . .”

According to eye-witness accounts of the massacre, area Jews and only Jews were ordered to report to Babi Yar, where they were murdered and buried in mass graves. The Associated Press has denied the Judaism, not only of the 34,000 victims at Babi Yar, but of all the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. This goes way beyond President Obama’s description of Jewish victims of the 2015 Hypercacher Kosher Supermarket attack in Paris, “. . . or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a Deli in Paris."

This may seem like a petty issue, one that would only be noticed by a thin-skinned obsessive. But it is actually very important. We know that as Jews we have and will always have more than enough enemies. They want to get rid of us. They will use any method they can think of, and they’re constantly coming up with new methods. Here we see instead of Holocaust denial – Jew denial. Sure, the Holocaust was real. But Jews? Who? The AP has separated Jews from the Holocaust, the major twentieth century trauma in Jewish history. The AP has tried to strip our identity from us. We are no longer unique. We are anonymous, just one of the crowd – unless somebody needs a scapegoat.

Jews and Jewish concerns have been minimized in other ways. Jews are separated from Israel with lies about an “indigenous Palestinian People,” Ashkanazi Jews being descendents of Khazars, not being “real” Jews. There are attempts to separate Zionism and even Jews from Judaism, our enemies redefining Judaism for us so that we are redefined right out of existence. Palestinians and Iranians insist that Jews have no connection to Jerusalem or any of our holy sites. The Palestinian foreign ministry recently accused Israel of lying about a Jewish history in Jerusalem. They’ve been joined by UNESCO, a United Nations agency that recently passed a resolution denying Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem. Wait. Did I say “Israeli?” According to the UN, it’s now “Occupied Palestine.” Israel is the occupying power. The UN is trying to vote Israel out of existence, and that’s nothing new.

This AP report has written Jews out of existence. No Jews, no Israel. Fake news has been joined to fake history. If they can’t murder all of us, the UN, UNESCO, Iran, along with journalists under their control will merely try to erase our existence.