The SPLC is Indifferent to Muslim Anti-Semitism

It's not just the SPLC that is indifferent to Muslim anti-Semitism. Just look at Facebook and Twitter. They will allow all but the most extreme Jew-hatred from anyone on the Left. Yes, there is a double standard. But the SPLC is supposed the be the gold standard when it comes to monitoring hate groups.

From the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

SPLC rightly slams Klansmen like David Duke for complaining about a "Zionist occupation of Washington," and other white supremacists for telling the Iranian press that Hollywood is "controlled by Zionists." But SPLC stands silent when CAIR officials spout similar hateful rhetoric.

Last month, CAIR Los Angeles Executive Director Hussam Ayloush comparedAmerican Jews who serve in the Israeli army with ISIS terrorists.

"Do you know how many hundreds of Jewish American kids are recruited to join the Israeli occupation army?" Ayloush said. "No one has ever established a CVE program to see why normal American kids leave their homes to become part of an army committing war crimes... They go to the American Muslim community, although the number of Muslims who join ISIS and Al-Qaeda is ... tiny."

Ayloush made a similar statement in 2015. Such anti-Semitic statements are frequent among CAIR leaders.

Zahra Billoo, who heads CAIR's San Francisco Bay area chapter, echoedAyloush's comments about the IDF on Twitter and compared the IDF with ISIS in a May 25 tweet.

"Both ISIS and the IDF are violent, immoral gangs. They're literally baby killers," Billoo wrote.

She expressed horror last month at "... running into Zionists [sic] war mongers from @AIPAC in the elevators and the anti-civil rights activists from @ADL_National in Congressional offices," during the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) Capitol Hill lobby days. But Billoo has a long history of promoting Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, someone the SPLC does identify as an extremist and anti-Semite. She featured a video produced by Farrakhan's group, the Nation of Islam, on her blog in 2010. A year earlier, Billoo tweeted that she listened to Farrakhan while working out at the gym. The SPLC has yet to call out politically prominent Muslims who stand with Farrakhan or who trade in similar rhetoric. For example, the SPLC defendedWomen's March co-chair Linda Sarsour last year over her use of the word "jihad," describing her as "a loathed figure" among "anti-Muslim groups and individuals." It chose not to address her history of hate speech toward Israel and its supporters. The article even quoted Sarsour's self-hype that she is criticized solely because she is "an effective leader for progress, a Palestinian American and Brooklyn-born Muslim woman."

Sarsour already was an avowed Farrakhan supporter when the SPLC article came out last July. She also is a frequent speaker at CAIR banquets and strongly supports the group.

Does gold tarnish?