Report on University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (June 2018) - by Canary Mission

Some people don't like Canary Mission. For some reason, the idea of exposing campus anti-Semitism bothers them. While we've never yet heard anyone complain about exposing KKK, neo-Nazi, or white supremacist anti-Semites and racists, there are objections from Jews about exposing Muslim, BDS, SAFE, and Students for Justice in Palestine anti-Semites. Any explanation would be welcome.

Since the links won't copy on Wix, you should go to Canary Mission and read the entire report for yourself.

Here are the introduction and some details on some of BDS' unsavory tactics:

In June 2018, Canary Mission completed an investigation into a November 15, 2017 Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) resolution that passed the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (UM) Central Student Government (CSG), via secret ballot.

Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), the UM chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), orchestrated the resolution through its divestment campaign, #UMDivest.

The report includes the following 40 individuals:

  • 4 SAFE activists behind the #UMDivest campaign

  • 4 co-authors and 1 co-sponsor of the resolution (3 co-authors were SAFE activists)

  • 4 professional BDS activists who spoke for the resolution

  • 5 pro-BDS students, including the CSG vice-president

  • 7 representatives who spoke in favor of the resolution

  • 15 representatives who voted for the resolution to be held via secret ballot


2. SAFE Brought In BDS Professionals

During the campaign, SAFE brought in four veteran professional BDS activists: Sabry Wazwaz, Kristian Davis Bailey and former SAFE leaders Devin Jones and Farah Erzouki.

At a November 7, 2017 CSG meeting to discuss #UMDivest, Sabry Wazwaz, a BDS activist from Minnesota spoke in support of #UMDivest. Wazwaz has a history of tweeting anti-Jewish imagery, conspiracy theories and imagery equating Israel with Nazi Germany. At the meeting, Wazwaz compared Palestinians in Israel to Jews killed by the Nazi regime. He had just three months earlier tweeted: “#ZionismIsNazism.”

At the same hearing, Devin Jones, a former SAFE leader, claimed that Israel has a “regime of apartheid” and has committed “occupation” and “ethnic cleansing.”

3. SAFE Blocked Middle East Expert From Speaking

Despite bringing in a host of outside professionals, SAFE objected to hearing from UM professor of history, Victor Lieberman.

Lieberman is a tenured UM history professor who teaches about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He testified to the CSG about the conflict’s history in previous years’ hearings.

Resolution co-author Hafsa Tout alleged that allowing Lieberman to address the student government “further silences” Palestinian students and would create a “power gradient” between him and students.

SAFE members further claimed that allowing Lieberman to speak would be unfair, since pro-BDS professors would not speak publicly in favor of the resolution due to fear of reprisal. Their objections led to Lieberman being blocked from speaking.

When signing the November 2017 resolution, CSG president Anushka Sarkar strongly criticized SAFE for blocking Lieberman. She said it was “not true” that SAFE could not find faculty to speak for their side, since 20 faculty members openly supported #UMDivest, including “several of whom” who were “tenured faculty.” She added that silencing Lieberman “fostered uncontextualized dialogue.”

There is so much more. And there are links. Canary Mission does the research so you don't have to.