How the Liberal Jewish Establishment Failed to See Left-Wing Anti-Semitism Coming

A very insightful article. It has a parable of the frog flavor to it. Its point is most obvious given what's happening, on the college campus and in the declining support for Israel among the Democrats as the PEW polls have shown. The seminar on antisemitism run by the Detroit Federation a year ago refused to recognize antisemitism coming from the left ignoring the experts like Charles Asher Small and the observations of Allan Dershowitz. The Nazi party was the National Socialist Workers Party a leftest group who were battling the German communist before they started WWII. The Nazis over here may be on the right. Remember that other group ANTIFA (who started the riots at Charlottesville) maybe we should be worried about them. The Jewish leftest Peter Beinart to his credit a year ago wrote an article about the dangers of ANTIFA. Meanwhile anything that sounds like Nazi gets the Jews excited while the real enemy is on the left as this article lays out.

The left’s anti-Semitic tactics have been consistent across countries and cultures. When its regimes rise, they persecute the Jews, whether it’s in the USSR, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela or the United States. But the ADL’s liberalism was its undoing. Like most American Jews, it viewed the rise of the left as a progressive phenomenon. It did not matter that the same mistake had been made countless times with the same outcome. There could be no harm in the Democrats leaning further and further to the left. Except maybe to Israel. The debate about lefty anti-Semitism centers largely on Israel. And that’s how the left wants it. Unlike nationalist anti-Semitism, transnationalist anti-Semitism is cloaked in in abstractions. The Red Army pogromists were fighting the bourgeoisie. Sharpton was fighting racism. BDS is battling Zionism. Leftist anti-Semitism identifies Jews with an ideological abstraction and then attacks the actual people. The Red Army thugs, Sharpton’s thugs and BDS thugs are anti-Semitic. Capitalism, racism and Zionism are excuses. Lefty anti-Semitism neither began with Zionism nor will it end there. The Jews who were murdered by the Soviet Union, who fled Nicaragua and Brownsville, had nothing to do with Israel. The ADL wants to be a lefty organization fighting anti-Semitism. Replacing Abe Foxman with Jonathan Greenblatt was meant to adapt it to the new landscape. But the left doesn’t want to fight anti-Semitism. There is no future for an organization fighting anti-Semitism on the left.

Hopefully we will wake up before the water starts to boil. The Nazis are bad but the growing problem is elsewhere.