ADL Gets it Wrong Again

From today's Detroit Free Press:

The new chief of staff for the National Security Council is facing criticism from several civil rights groups and metro Detroit leaders for making what they say are negative remarks against Muslim-Americans, including those who live in Michigan.

The National Security Council announced last week that Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst and a senior vice president at the Center for Security Policy, is the Council's new Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary and also Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump. A spokesman for the Council confirmed Fleitz's appointment to the Free Press on Friday.

Chaired by the president, the National Security Council is part of the White House and is the president's main forum for advising him on foreign affairs and security issues.

Fleitz said in an interview last year with Breitbart News that "there are some communities in the United States that have not assimilated. I’m not concerned about Amish or Jewish communities, but I will tell you that there are enclaves of Muslim communities in Michigan and Minnesota that concern me."

The ADL was one of those groups, siding with Imam Elahi at Dearborn's Islamic House of Wisdom, expressing concern over Fleitz' nomination. According to the ADL's statement:

“It’s deeply disturbing and concerning that the National Security Adviser would choose someone from CSP for his chief of staff,” said ADL CEO and National Director Jonathan A. Greenblatt. “Fleitz’s senior leadership role with the Center for Security Policy, an Islamophobic, conspiracy-promoting organization, should automatically disqualify him from a position that deals with America’s most essential foreign policy and national security interests.”

In 2015, Fleitz was a co-author of a CSP publication, “A Plan for Victory Over The Global Jihad Movement,” which not only promotes the notion that “the majority of Muslims and Islamic authorities” continue to “promote or at least support jihad and shariah supremacism unabated,” but also the concept of a “civilization jihad” – a conspiratorial idea that some Muslims are trying to wage war on America by infiltrating government, Hollywood and other institutions in order to implement Sharia law.

Let's ignore for a moment the thousands of Islamic terror attacks going on around the world. Let us also either ignore or whitewash the evidence presented on role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jihad that was uncovered and presented in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial. And we should refuse to acknowledge Islamic insurgencies in the Philippines, Thailand, and multiple African nations. Don't mention Lebanon, which has been taken over by Hezbollah. Rather we should shut down all debate.

Near the bottom of the article, Fleitz was allowed to offer his view:

The spokesman for the National Security Council said: "Fleitz does not believe Muslims are trying to take over the US or infiltrate the US government. He views prejudice and discrimination against any religion as deeply offensive."

At the same time, "Fleitz stands by his criticism of radical Islam as a global movement at war with modern society," said the spokesman for the National Security Council. "He notes that radical Islam is a greater threat to the vast majority of the world’s Muslims who are peaceful."

We, at MJAC, suggest that ADL do a bit more research, since some parts of the world, including some Islamic nations, are experiencing issues with radical Islam. No protests or charges of "Islamophobia" will change that. Facing reality will.

Jonathan Greenblatt and other ADL officials may want to read this article from The Federalist. They might learn some actual facts.