Liberal American Jews love Jews who hate Jews

In other news about Jews who hate Jews and Judaism, here is a piece from Elder of Ziyon.

Philip Roth, the venerable American Jewish author, died last week. There was a torrent of coverage over his death and his importance, as well as how central Jewishness was to his writings. But there was comparatively little coverage to how his writings about Jews - and more importantly, about Judaism - would have been considered undeniably antisemitic if a non-Jew had written them.


It was to be expected that he would give an anti-Israel speech. That is what the HUC was looking for. But beyond that, Chabon took aim at Judasim itself, attacking Jews who have the audacity to want to marry other Jews rather than allow themselves to joyfully assimilate and disappear in the larger secular world, leaving only some bagels and Yiddish phrases as tokens of Jewish culture's contributions to the world. He celebrated his atheism and described how he hated Jewish rituals. And he is celebrated at a liberal rabbinical college!

Everybody says to read the whole thing, but it's a short article, so go ahead and read the whole thing. Elder makes some excellent points. And why is it that so many liberal Jews and liberal Jewish organizations are so down on Judaism? If your politics are more important than your Judaism, there are other choices, other religions to infect with your hostility. Jews have had enough of it.