Bernie Sanders: An Accessory to Terror at the Gaza Border

We've run a few posts on Linda Sarsour and her anti-Semitic lies. On the one hand, she should be challenged and exposed at every opportunity. On the other hand, we Jews have enemies even more odious than Sarsour, enemies that shouldn't be enemies - like Bernie Sanders.

“I am deeply disappointed that Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling for an ‘international investigation’ into Israel’s actions, and that Senator Bernie Sanders has now gone so far as to call for the Palestinian ‘right of return’ to Israel,” said Oren. “Calling for the ‘right of return’ is essentially calling for the destruction of Israel.”

Sanders’ office last week circulated a video highlighting the “right of return.” When pressed by reporters, he declined to say whether he endorses or opposes it. But if your staff circulates a propaganda video, and you don’t specifically disown and condemn it, then that constitutes a de facto endorsement.

Palestinian Arab spokesmen, by the way, are not at all coy about the issue. The say openly that their goal is to have millions of Arabs “return” to Israel in order to become the majority of the population — so that it will no longer be a Jewish state.

Sanders has also rationalized the mass violence. In a May 15 tweet, he declared: “It’s important to understand the desperate situation out of which these protests have arisen.”

Keep in mind, when Sanders sides with the Palestinians in their war against Israel, he is siding against the Jewish people.

There are Facebook posts from Jews demanding that Jewish Trump supporters explain how they can support such a man. We want to know - Jewish Sanders supporters, how do you imagine Sanders is good for America or for Jews? Because here is what Sanders is encouraging: