Memorial Day 2018

My dear young patriots,

Yorktown, Bull Run, Belleau Wood, Okinawa, Normandy, Inchon, Khe San, Iraqi Freedom, Kandahar are just a sampling of where our American heroes lost their lives, so we can live in freedom and celebrate Memorial Day.

These farmers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, mechanics, nurses, every occupation; mothers and fathers, women and men of every race and religion left the comfort of their families and homes to stand and fight for freedom, justice and our American flag.

They became soldiers, sailors, SEALS, pilots, Marines, infantry foot soldiers, airmen, crews of transport ships, tank drivers and submarine crews.

They suffered poison gas, bayonets and suicide charges.

They suffered malaria; they froze to death; they lived in foxholes full of mud all day and night; lived thru monsoons; they peed and pooped in their helmets; they ran into enemy machine gun fire; they bailed out of burning airplanes; they got murdered in their parachutes; they scaled cliffs under withering enemy gunfire; they parachuted behind enemy lines; they withstood sniper fire as they ate, slept, walked and fought; they trained day and night to fight underwater; they threw themselves on grenade’s to save the lives of their fellow soldiers; they lived in smelly, damp dangerous submarines; they marched and died as one into enemy fortifications; they flew into skies full of enemy anti-aircraft fire and clouds of flak.

They all left the safety of their homes, jobs and families to protect those of us at home and many died heroes for us leaving their families behind.

They died to keep us safe.

So, as you barbecue, play ball, enjoy your toys, play games on your digital devices, enjoy the safety of your homes and families- remember it’s because of the heroes we celebrate on this and every Memorial Day.