Linda Sarsour Supports Abdul El-Sayed - updated

Former executive director of the Detroit Health Department, Abdul El-Sayed is seeking to be the Democratic candidate for governor of Michigan. He is supported by Winnie Wong, who strongly supported Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election. Linda Sarsour also spoke for El-Sayed at a rally in Ann Arbor last December.

From the Arab American News:

He sounds like just another progressive candidate who wants to give everyone free stuff because they are entitled to free stuff. That is a very progressive stance.

If elected, he would be our country's first Muslim governor. Linda Sarsour thinks that would be a wonderful thing. And because so many other progressive types think having the nation's first Muslim governor would be a wonderful thing, he's receiving a lot of free publicity. His platform seems to matter less than the fact that he's a Muslim.

If there is anything we know, it is that anyone who is supported by Linda Sarsour should be avoided. We know how she feels about Jews.

Might El-Sayed feel the same? Possible Republican candidate for Michigan governor, Patrick Colbeck had the audacity to point out El-Sayed's parents ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and El-Sayed's membership in The Muslim Students Association while attending U of M. Colbeck was roundly condemned and slandered for such forbidden talk. But we also know that the Muslim Brotherhood and the MSA share views on Jews that are similar to those of Sarsour.

One thing that El-Sayed said that is absolutely true:

“If I win this primary, I want you to think about what happens to this race,” he told a Democratic audience in Sterling Heights last month. “This race goes from being a sleepy Midwestern governor’s race to being one of the most important races in defining this moment of the electorate in 2018. That means national coverage, national fund-raising and the optics of this race go sky high.

“A lot of people want to send a message to Donald Trump. I’m like a 215-pound middle finger to Donald Trump.”

Make sure you are paying attention. Make sure you vote. It is a big deal. Progressives are easy to fool. Be smarter than they are.

UPDATE: The Counter Jihad Report has gathered a huge amount of information on The Muslim Brotherhood and two of its American proxies, the MSA and CAIR.