ADL Statement on Violence at Israel-Gaza Border

Even though I found it on the ZOA website, I still couldn't believe it. It's not like I would expect ZOA to lie about it, but I don't think I wanted to believe it.

It’s painfully shocking that Anti-Defamation League (ADL) head Jonathan Greenblatt recently wrote on ADL’s website: “it is a horrific tragedy that so many people have been killed and wounded at the Gaza border.” (“ADL Statement on Violence at Israel-Gaza Border,” May 15, 2018.) This broad statement was not limited to the tiny minority who were not members of a terrorist group. (And even that small minority joined the violent riots whose goal was to breach Israel’s border fence to descend upon nearby Jewish communities, schools, and day care centers – and all of Israel – to murder innocent Jews.) Thus, we must ask, how is the death of mostly Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists a “horrific tragedy?” In fact, the deaths of these terrorists prevented a real “horrific tragedy” – the murder of thousands of innocent Jews who would have been slain if Hamas’ violent rioters had succeeded.

So I looked for the official ADL statement from the official ADL website. Here is Jonathan Greenblatt's entire statement:

We are steadfast supporters of the Jewish state of Israel. That support is what obligates us to see the situation in Gaza with clear eyes. We believe that Israel has a right to self-defense and to secure its border, and at the same time, we believe that it is a horrific tragedy that so many people have been killed and wounded at the Gaza border. Such violence does nothing to bring a two-state solution closer to reality or advance peace and security in the region. All parties should explore all possible approaches to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza quickly and peacefully in a manner that directly provides for the needs of civilians who are the ultimate victims of Hamas' policies and the ensuing conflict.

Aren't these the same weasel words used by the UN, the EU, and every other weaselly organization that has nothing to say about Palestinian violence until Israel fights back? I think smoke got in Greenblatt's eyes.

From the halls of Starbucks, to the shores of Gaza, the ADL has been destroying their own credibility.