Dems go in hiding as U.S. moves embassy

This has been pointed out by others, but as over 70 percent of American Jews reliably vote Democratic, it should be brought up again and again and again. Democrats, who were loud and proud in their support for moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem back when they thought it would never happen, were absent when it did happen. Oops!

On June 5, 2017, less than one year ago, Massachusetts Sens. Liz Warren and Ed Markey stood on the floor of the U.S. Senate, and in the proud tradition of the world’s greatest deliberative body, courageously cast their votes in favor of moving America’s embassy to Israel’s true capital, the historic city of Jerusalem.

On May 14 — aka yesterday — while President Trump put that policy into place, these two Massachusetts’ profiles in progressive courage were ... nowhere to be found.

No public statements about this historic moment. Not a single word on social media. Their Senate webpages were filled with volumes on so-called “Net Neutrality” and attacks against Trump attorney Michael Cohen — but not one puny press release on the biggest story in the world.

Where were they? Where were any Democrats? Last June their support for the Jerusalem Embassy Act was unanimous. Yesterday, not a single Democratic member of Congress was on hand in Jerusalem to celebrate the fact that the embassy proposal they pushed was being put into place.

Not one? What, were they being held hostage by Hamas? Did liberal billionaire Tom Steyer host an “Impeach Trump” ice cream social last night we don’t know about?

The worst part about this is that all these Democrats who demonstrated their cowardice and their disregard for their Jewish constituency will still be able to count on the Jewish vote in their next reelection campaign.