The Jewish Enemy Within

This poem, by Lee Diamond, was originally posted on You might want to read it on its original site, as it's formatted there the way we assume Mr. Diamond wanted it formatted.

They hide in their attics

They fear that they will be seen

They prefer to be Invisible

Jews need to be weak

Not strong

We’ve always managed to

Survive by hiding

And when they rape our wives

We ask the Rabbi if she is still

Kosher to us.

We need to fit in

Same appearance

Same language

Same culture

Same country clubs

And food and

Same days of rest.

We need to Integrate

And be faceless and faithless

Marry with the majority

Raise children like our neighbors

Educate like the rest.

But most of all never to be seen

As strong.

Never to protect ourselves

Be better than those who

Are self protective

Be more moral than our enemies.

Turn the Other cheek

Just don’t Rock the boat

Surrender to anti semitism

Keep the lid on the

Pandora’s box.

Pray for the enemy

And forget your own

And if they do cross the

Border, God forbid, and rape us

Blame yourself

For the enemy’s deaths

As some old timers

Used to say in Yiddish

“Es Iz schver zu Zein a Yid

It’s so hard to be a Jew”

No More!


Come down from your attics

Join the new Jew

Who fights for the rights he Adores

“And out of Zion shall

Come forth the word …”


The people of Israel Are


and a

Strong and proud nation.