Is This Happening in Michigan too?

Two of the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) activists who helped pass a resolution on April 16 in the City Council of Durham, N.C., which banned life-saving police exchanges and trainings between the city’s police department and Israel’s military, are employed by synagogues in the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill.

In addition to their roles as radicals promoting anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions resolutions, Sandra Korn and Lara Haft are both employed in the Durham Jewish community at two area synagogues and at the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill.

Could this happen in Michigan? We know that there is an active JVP chapter in the Detroit area. By themselves, they're a marginal group of misnamed Jew haters. They're allied though, with the entire progressive Jew-hating confederacy.

Is the lack of a backbone common to American Jewish leadership?

While each synagogue attempted to distance themselves and their organizations from the views promoted by Korn and Haft, neither responded to direct questions posed by JNS on whether they are comfortable with BDS activists teaching kids about Israel and Judaism, or whether participation in anti-Israel groups like JVP should raise a red flag for mainstream Jewish organizations when hiring.

Jennifer Rudinger, executive director of the Judea Reform Congregation Judea Reform Congregation where Korn works, stated “Judea Reform is a diverse congregation, and our members hold widely varying political views. They are free to voice their opinions anywhere they want to, but they do not represent the views of our synagogue.”

With regard to the recent vote, Rudinger told JNS that the synagogue “took no position on that Durham city council resolution, and nobody in our congregation was speaking on behalf of Judea Reform in any way.”

Rabbi Daniel Greyber of Beth El Synagogue, where Haft works, declined to address the role Haft plays in his congregation. Yet he noted that he is “deeply supportive of the State of Israel,” and that his local community “includes a diverse range of views and offers every Jew a place to study and pray.”

Relating specifically to Beth El’s Hebrew school, Greyber stated: “Our Israel education is predicated upon Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, and a commitment to the well-being of the Jewish people; arguments beyond those limits have not, are not, and will not be part of our educational programs.”

Certain standards should be maintained by Jewish organizations, especially those charged with Jewish education. At the very least, support Israel (you know, that Jewish country) and Judaism. And for heaven's sake, be honest, We know that honesty is completely rejected by JVP.