American Jews and Israel

There are Israeli commentators who are noticing things about American Jewry that most American Jews are ignoring or just don't care about. It's not only that among liberal/progressive Jews their appreciation and support for Israel is fading. Their appreciation and support for Judaism is also fading.

From Vic Rosenthal:

Progressive American Jews are no different from progressive American non-Jews. You read the same New York Times and listen to the same NPR on your way to work. You voted (twice) for the same Barack Obama and hate the same Donald Trump just as passionately. For many of you, it would not be a personal tragedy if Israel were destroyed.

As of 2013, 73% of non-Orthodox American Jews were intermarried. 73%! That was 2013, and the trend is upward. This implies that your Jewish identification is decreasing, and with it whatever distinguishes you from the rest of the population. But not only are you assimilating rapidly, your fertility rates are far below replacement level. Reform Jews average only 1.7 children per woman, while “Jews of no religion” are in the cellar at 1.5.

But there is something special about you. That is the way you use your Jewish DNA to justify vicious and damaging attacks on Israel. You created J Street, If Not Now and Jewish Voice for Peace. You contribute to the New Israel Fund. All are organizations run by progressive American Jews to demonize and delegitimize the only Jewish state. And you think that because of your Jewish parentage you somehow have a special right to do this!

From Isi Leibler:

Although right-wing antisemitism has made headlines, the real threat emanates from the viciously anti-Israel and antisemitic Left and the growing numbers of Muslim extremists. Under normal circumstances, a proud Jewish community supported by most Americans could neutralize these negative elements. However, the crisis is largely internal. In the past, American Jews, with valid historical justifications, have always had a penchant for liberalism. Their attachments to Israel and Judaism were synonymous and liberal political forces were Israel’s strongest supporters, while conservatives were less inclined to support the Jewish state. However, over the past two decades, the far Left has become viciously anti-Israeli, even supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and depicting Israel as an imperialist occupier. This trend reached a climax under US president Barack Obama, who made overtures to the Iranians and treated Israel politically as a rogue state. Aside from ZOA head Morton Klein, not a single mainstream Jewish leader had the courage to stand up and protest Obama’s bias against Israel and constant bracketing of Israeli defensive actions as morally equivalent to the actions of terrorists.

We've written about this before, and about the dreadful lack of childhood Jewish education outside of the orthodox community. That lack of education is having a terrible effect, not just because Jewish support for Israel is waning, but because Jews don't seem to know what it is to be be Jewish. We all (including this writer) think we know, but how many of us have add a proper deep Jewish education? It's hard to support something you don't know much about. It's even harder when you know so little that what you do know comes from biased-against-Israel reporting of the NY Times, Washington Post, NPR, etc.

We could quote more from these two articles, but it is better for you to go to the links and read them both for yourself. You will learn from both of them.

How bad is the disconnect between progressive American Jews and Israel? Watch this short video:

The sad thing is, with the amount of valid information available, it's almost as if some Jews are purposefully ignoring the facts that conflict with their progressivism. What they don't understand is that by rejecting Israel, it is they, not Israel, who end up as losers.